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Standing for a Conservative way forward.


Born in the land of the five rivers, Punjab, India. A proud son of the Commonwealth, Aman made Britain his home aged eight speaking just two words of English, and Britain made him one of her own!

A supercharged life journey growing up on a SE London council estate going onto Grammar school in Bexley, and then to join HM Diplomatic service, training and working as a foundry engineer, marrying his wife, Pari, raising their two children, Sukhmani and Arjun, rejuvenating a multi-million pound business, campaigning to strengthen our international relations, standing for Parliament as a Conservative in GE2015 to campaigning for Vote Leave in 2016 to standing to Get Brexit Done in 2019 as the Conservative MEP candidate for Northern Ireland. Aman has strived hard to give something back to the nation which has given him everything.

Aman is a longstanding campaigner for a Global Britain and having founded the Global Britain Centre is determined to help deliver a conservative way forward, building a United Kingdom that is a global force for good and a beacon of hope and aspiration at home, strengthened with secure borders, a proud cultural heritage, free enterprise boosting free trade -  a nation independent and sovereign, a free democracy.

Aman's journey


Aman's story


Having joined the Conservative party whilst still at school in BETHS Grammar School, Bexley village, Aman is a longstanding party activist and Conservative campaigner.

Working his way up the ranks, fulfilling duties to serve the Conservative party - be it as an association officer or leading the local Conservative Future branch or supporting local councillors with work on local ward committees, running a parliamentary campaign, serving as a school governor, running English language classes, Aman has worked hard to serve.

Stepping up to stand for public office, Aman has had a journey of determined steadfastness in standing as a Conservative candidate for local council in 2010 and 2014, the London Assembly in 2012 and 2016, for Parliament in GE2015 and for the European Parliament in 2019.

From Copeland to Canterbury, to Newark to Newbury, to Banbury to Banbridge, to Dover to Dartford, to Lewes to Lagan valley, to Rochester to Romford, Aman has demonstrated gritty resolve and commitment in flying the Conservative flag with a solid track record of campaigning and delivery, across the United Kingdom.


Local Council candidate
Erith ward, Bexley



Aman's Campaigns

NoToAV campaign co-ordinator , North Bexley
Alternative Vote Referendum

Point Blur_May272017_145525.jpg


London Assembly Candidate
London wide list - BackBoris lead, Bexley

Boris and Amandeep in Bexleyheath.jpg


Local Council candidate
Belvedere ward, Bexley

BEXLEY 2.jpg


Parliamentary candidate
Upper Bann, Northern Ireland



Vote Leave - EU Referendum



London Assembly candidate
London wide list - BackZac lead for Orpington



Parliamentary candidate
Northern Ireland - 1
European Parliamentary election



Founding Chairman
Global Britain Centre

GBC MPs.jpeg



Global Bhogal - Flying the flag for Britain

Beginning his international relations journey in HM Diplomatic Service, Aman has a longstanding passion for helping strengthen the United Kingdom's international standing as a global leader of freedom, liberty and free trade. Aman is a tireless campaigner promoting Britain's national interest on the world stage to help augment our bi-lateral relations with our friends and allies.

As an experienced geo strategist, Aman is working non-stop to peddle optimism about Britain as a force for good around the world. From presenting quarterly parliamentary Global Britain briefings to MPs and peers to engaging with our allies overseas, from Estonia to Israel to India. Aman has built a strong record of action to bang the drum for Global Britain around the world.

Aman continues to campaign via the Global Britain Centre which he founded to drive the conversation for post Brexit Britain to look beyond the European union.

Believe in Britain!

Aman articulates

Aman is a regular feature on broadcast television news. From GB News to Channel 4 News in the United Kingdom to international broadcast television - BBC World service to CNN to NDTV as well as UK radio Talk TV, LBC and BBC regional stations.

On a weekly basis Aman can be seen delivering conservative commentary and ideas on topical news and geopolitics, in particular our international relations in the Indo Pacific.

Aman also pens a regular piece at the Express and can also be found in The Sun, and Conservative Home. Internationally, Aman writes and provides the 'view from Global Britain' across Indian publications including the Sunday Guardian India.

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